deco-blue Multi Terapico 2ch jm

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Portable two-channel device suitable for simultaneous operation with two patients with different or same parameters;

Main Features

  • DD – DF, CP, LP, RS …
  • Galvanic current,
  • IFS – (four-polar classic, three frequency velocity degrees from 0 to 200Hz, four-polar with vector, bipolar interferential current (LF and MF),.
  • H – currents - frequency modulated currents,
  • Exponential current (E1.E2),
  • Russian current stimulation,
  • Modulated current therapy,
  • Tens
  • Iontophoresis 8000Hz,
  • Ultra stimulation current,
  • Neofaradic current,
  • Diagnostics (F, RH, CHR, ACC, i/t…)
  • For detailed product information, please click on the PDF brochure (SRB) below ↓.
  423 kB