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Our company produces high-quality professional devices based on high technology. Our mission is to offer the latest technological solutions and methods in physical medicine and rehabilitation. We have incorporated the following properties into our devices by using the latest technologies:

deco-blue  multifunctionality,
deco-blue  high degree of sophistication,
deco-blue  simple to use,
deco-blue  compact,
deco-blue  highly adaptable to specific Client needs.

JENA MEDICAL Ltd. offers products of high quality and reasonable prices.

NEWS  deco-yello-reverse

New series of devices on the market – V5.0. The devices are supplied with 7″ color displays. This series is supported by personal therapy protocol programming.

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Distribution and delivery companies required.

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RELIABILITY  deco-blue-reverse

Owing to the continual experience in the development of the physiotherapy and rehabilitation devices, our products reflect high levels of crucial features such as both patient and therapist safety.

Our success is constructed on cooperation with many medicinal centers, spa resorts and sport clubs, and on direct experience and impression exchange from our clients.

JENA MEDICAL d.o.o products offer reliability, functionality and pleasant design.

They meet the competing demands in terms of safe usage.

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