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JENA MEDICAL Ltd has been designing and producing professional medical devices and equipment for medical and clinical purpose ever since 1997. Throughout the production history, we have performed under the names of Novel, Jena and Jena Medical, starting from 2012.

We are currently producing devices and equipment in the scope of :

  • electrotherapy,,
  • laser therapy,,
  • magnet therapy,
  • ultrasoundtherapy,
  • vacuum therapy, and finally
  • combined therapy. (Multi Mega).

Based on customer needs, ideas and the latest scientific achievements, our new innovative products are developed to help you to treat your patients in the best possible way. The basic point in development of a new therapy unit is to analise the intended purpose of the device and respect to real needs of the practicioner. The main criteria in development are safety, user-friendly operation and portability.

The JENA MEDICAL products are known for their:

  • user confort,,
  • durability,,
  • functionality and
  • quality.

The company is constantly engaged in developing new designs. This is why we divert your attention to the mailing list which will serve for timely information about the novelties – related to the existing models as well as new ones.

We are honored and proud to be in the possession of the International certificates ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015.

JENA MEDICAL reserves the right to supplement or change the information on the website without prior notice ! No liability ensues from this.