deco-blue Medic Laser jm

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Main Features


  • An improved laser therapy device,
  • Automatic recalculation of therapy parameters,
  • Interconnection of various therapeutic procedures and formation of one chain of procedures performed succeedingly,
  • Programmed protocols according to diagnosis,
  • Alphabetically sorted list of indications with suggested dosage and a graphic of the treatment area,
  • Large LCD 5,7 ” for good visibility,
  • Personal therapy protocol programming,
  • Continuous and pulsed mode (1-10000Hz),
  • Wavelength : 808nm (standard) – 785nm, 830nm and 904nm on demand,
  • Power of LD : 200mW (standard) – 500mW and 1000mW on demand,
  • Wide range of red, infrared and combined probes – on demand,
  • Laser clusters are made based on Client demand and may contain any number and power of laser diodes.
  • Standard production – 3, 4 and 5 laser diodes.
  • For detailed product information, please click on the PDF brochure (SRB) below ↓.