deco-blue Magno Multi jm

Main Features


  • A device for low-frequency pulsed magnetic field (PEMF);
  • Two separate channels; Treat two patients at the same time with independent therapies,
  • Large LCD,
  • MAGNO MULTI L : functionally identical to the MAGNO MULTI device, but with a reduced output power. Used as a replacement for MAGNO MULTI when not working with solenoids but with applicators with lower power: blankets, spinal and cervical applicators, magnetic pads etc.
  • Protocols for different medical fields,
  • User-defined protocols,
  • Frequency : up to 100 Hz,
  • Maximum pulse induction: 10 mT, adjustable in steps of 0.1 mT,
  • Wide range of applicators,
  • Two independent therapy timers,
  • For detailed product information, please click on the PDF brochure (SRB) below ↓.